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Graphic Design work done to your liking. Excellent Prices, Quality work, and guaranteed satisfaction.

Hello, my name is Derek Kimball. I'm a freelance design artist with a degree in Graphic Design. I'm looking to expand my clientel, as well as my portfolio. I feel there's no better way to create a better portfolio, than to create great work. That is what I will do for you. I guarantee customer satisfaction and will not ask for money until it is achieved. I'm dedicated to giving my clients exactly what they are looking for in a design.

Some of the perks of working with me instead of with a bigger company:

>>> I will revise your design until you are totally satisfied, no matter how long that takes (Unlike most companies who only offer 2 or 3 revisions).

>>> Being a freelance artist; I am able to offer work for prices 1/2 to 2/3 less than most others.

>>> You will be getting 100% individual customer attention, and will be working with me directly.

...And if for any reason, I can not meet your needs; then no payment will be expected. Its not easy to find an offer like that in this business. So in short; I will do anything it takes to please my customers and treat them all how I would want to be treated. I hope you take a look at my work and decide for yourself; if i'm capable of performing your task(s). Thank You.


You can email me at:


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