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Step by step design procedure:

>>> Chose, Revise, and Finalize. To ensure an understanding of the creative process between the customer and myself, here is a step by step description: First the customer calls or emails me with a detailed request. Second, I will then promptly respond. Next, if everything is understood between the two of us, I will immedietly begin working on your design(s). When I come up with a basic concept worth showing, I will email it to you and wait for a response. Usually I will continue working on the design while waiting for a response. This does not mean I won't value your imput or be willing to backtrack. It is just my way of trying to offer options to you quicker. Throughout this process, we will keep in touch and exchange ideas. When the work is finally completed, and the customer is entirely satisfied with the final result; I will request payment. When payment is recieved, I will send you various file types of the work done, and offer you printing solutions. If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied, no payment will be expected. For my protection though; I will not give "unwanted" work to unpaying customers. This is my only safety from people abusing this deal and trying to get work done for free. Keep in mind, my goal is to meet the customers needs, and I will do everything possible to prevent unsatisfactory work.

Follow Up Printing Procedure:

>>> All I do is art/design work. I do not do printing. When you recieve work from me, it will be sent digitally via email, unless requested otherwise. I will send you your designs in both printing and editing format. If any additional formats are needed, I will send them as well, upon request. I work in Adobe Photoshop 7.0, so if for any reason you ever wish to edit your design; it would be best to use a version 7 or higher. If for any reason you would rather recieve your files by mail, I can send them on cd free of charge. For printing needs, places like kinkos, or Alphagraphics will service almost any request. Alphagraphics tends to be cheaper than Kinkos. I would recommend working with They have great deals and packages for small or large printing needs. Their site is very organized and easy to use. Shipping rate estimates can even be given there. Vistaprint is in no way affiliated with me, but I do recommend them because of their low printing rates, easy to use site, and multitude of services. I will cover any cd, shipping, and packing costs.